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Welcome to my wonderland! My name is Tamara Boxx, and I am the creator of stories here at The painted Boxx Art & Photography. I am a fashion photographer, eight-time award-winning fashion editor, free-lance creative director,  and the co-founder of LUXYMOM®  digital magazine.  I was born in Munich, Germany to military parents, but moved back to the states at a very young age. I excelled in advanced art all through my academic years, having some pieces selected to be displayed at venues starting when I was very young. I joined the military at 17 in 2002 and stopped drawing for a little under 11 years to focus on my career.


I married the love of my life in 2007 and we welcomed our only child, a lovely baby girl in 2008. Unfortunately, I was forced to medically retire in June of 2011  from active duty. I had no idea what I wanted to- it was the first time in my adulthood I would be in a non-government position. Since my retirement, I moved to Naples Florida where my family and I enjoy the beach life and spending our afternoons having adventures with our daughter. Once I settled into retirement, I found time to focus on art and photography and I was encouraged to start my own business due to the fantastic feedback on my work. I am thankful for the love and support that my family and friends have given me which has blessed me with the opportunity to capture memories for you! 


Art is about storytelling. It is an adventure in an image and the entire process is exciting. Creative imagery transports you to another place, a wondrous land where you are the wizard behind the curtain. Anything you can imagine comes to life. Let's make some magic.


  May your lipstick always be on point and your champagne always chilled.                                                                     



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1824 Harbor Lane

Naples Fl, 34104

Tel: 407-970-1041

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