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About Me

Welcome, family! I am Tamara Boxx, the owner and operator of The Painted Boxx Art & Photography. I am an award winning fashion photographer, editor, freelance creative director, and Co-Founder of LUXYMOM® Digital Magazine and I love to create captivating visual tales. Each image is a portal—a passage to a magical land where you, too, become the conjurer of dreams.


Art, you see, is more than pigment on canvas or pixels on a screen. It's a symphony of imagination, a dance of light and shadow. With every click of the shutter, I weave stories that transport you to another time and space. And my purpose? To sprinkle beauty across the world, like stardust on a moonlit night.


In this chapter of my journey, I craft editorials purely for the joy of it. Vibrations hum with positivity, collaborations spark like shooting stars, and magic swirls in the air. So, my fellow wanderer, stay awhile. Let's explore this wonderland together. May your lipstick be fierce, your champagne effervescent, and your heart forever ablaze with creativity! 




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